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IVA Private Ltd, is an AI based company in Technopark, Trivandrum and it also offers intelligent automation solutions. AI refers to a fully functioning artificial brain that is self-aware, intelligent and capable of learning, reasoning and understanding in data science. AI is a technology that, in practice and as it applies to the physical security industry, runs a series of algorithms, scans massive databases, or performs calculations quickly to provide deeper insights. While AI does not provide value on its own, it can assist users in making more informed decisions and completing tasks more quickly. Face recognition, object tracking, and people counting are all examples of applications that come under the category of AI services. Deep learning, for example, employs task-specific algorithms to assist in training a programme to better interpret inputs. In order to do this, programmers effectively teach a computer by inputting a vast volume of data with matching marks, thus improving the technology’s ability to identify new inputs. There are AI based companies in Technopark that will provide AI services or assistance to the customers. Since AI is such a large concept, it often falls short of standards when used without context. In fact, today’s capabilities are limited to subsets of AI, such as machine learning techniques like neural networks and deep learning. Though AI technology is extremely beneficial for well-understood applications, it does have limitations. Specific use cases and algorithms will definitely assist organisations in improving organisational performance, but it cannot teach itself entirely new tasks or immediately make sense of data that has not been taught to it. Furthermore, it can be difficult for consumers to understand how an AI technology works.

Intelligent Automation (IA) is a technology that combines robotic process automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence (AI) to allow end-to-end business process automation and drive digital transformation. Intelligent automation also helps consumers make faster, more educated choices by eliminating repetitive activities or mundane legwork. Any of these decisions can also be automated. Both automation and data are combined in IA. IA will integrate and automate a wide range of databases in the physical protection industry, including thermometer readings, footage, accidents, face recognition, licence plate recognition, map-based data, and other information. To evaluate complex circumstances or challenges, data sources may be correlated and used in conjunction. How about we take, for instance, a structure that has a few frameworks, including temperature sensors, wind stream sensors and a brought together security framework. Wise robotization can be utilized to consequently pull video, send a guide of where an occurrence is found, and sound a caution if both the temperature spikes extraordinarily and the wind stream sensor states “risk,” recommending the chance of a fire or substance spill. The innovation can start a particular standard working system (SOP) when vital, for example, opening explicit entryways, telling administration, and so on. Some clients will be unaware of clever automation and how it works. IVA is the top Intelligent Automation business in Technopark for figuring them out and providing AI solutions to consumers.

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