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IVA PRIVATE LTD, is a Data Engineering and smart business company in Technopark Trivandrum. Top data engineering services providers Design Thinking and UX, Data Science and Analytics, Data Engineering and Data Operations, Cloud Transformation and Management, Legacy Modernization, Quality Assurance and Testing, Business Operation and Automation. Data Engineering evolved to describe a role that moved away from using traditional ELT tools and developed its own tools to handle the increasing volumes of data. A big data grew. “Data Engineering” came to describe a kind of software engineering that focused deeply on data-data infrastructure, data warehousing, data mining, data modeling, data crunching and metadata management.

Data engineering consulting, with its extensive experience across the data and analytics life cycles, drives businesses to address transformation challenges. We provide cutting edge solutions, including Business Intelligence(BI) solutions, data insights, and predictive modeling for optimal business out comes. If your case and data are not unique, then consultants probably worked with similar data before, their experience can help accelerate your project faster.

Most of the companies are specialized in the market, and their knowledge of strategy and implementation of projects is limited. Consultants help identify business processes where data engineering can be implemented.Data engineers uses specialized tool to work with data .Each systems presents specific challenges.They must consider the way data is modeled ,stored,secured and encoded .These teams must also understand the most efficient way to access and manipulate the data. ELT (Extract Transform Load- is a category of technologies that move data between systems.These tools access data from many different technologies,and then apply rules to transform and cleanse the data so that is it read for analysis).SQL(structured query language-is the standard language for querying relational database.Data engineers uses SQL to perform ELT products include informatica and SAP Data services.Python -is a general purpose programming language .It has become a popular tool for performing ETL tasks due to its ease of use and extensive libraries for accessing database and storage technologies . And the data sources are Relational Database (analytical), JSON database, key value systems , File systems , Object stores, Spreadsheets.
Data engineering products are Cloud Data Integration(optimize your cloud data integration with cloud native, high performance data integration).Cloud Mass Ingestion(efficiently ingest streaming data and move it to other targets for real time analytics).Cloud Data Quality(quickly identify, fix and monitor data quality problems in cloud and on-premises business apps).Enterprise Data Catalog (discover and inventory data assets across your organization).Enterprise Data Preparation(intelligently find and prepare trusted data for your analytics and AI/ML projects.

IVA, our Data Engineering services will help any company replace their costly, burdensome in-house data infrastructure and turn their big data pipelines in to robust systems prepared for data analytics too. IVA helps accelerate the integration of analytics into business processes and reduce the time to value from digital assets. A full set of data engineering services and solutions that optimizes your analytics and data science.”IVA” helps organization in building this capability:Data Infrastructure Solutions-design and deployment of the data enablement layer ( eg : data lake),Data Engineering Solutions-data pipelines from source systems and data processing to be served up to enterprises,Data Government Solutions-design and deployment of data governance solutions to implement enterprises data policies and compliance requirements,Data Ops-ongoing management support and enablement of data access.

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