Artificial Intelligence for Industrial Applications

Empowering Your Business, Delivering Innovation & Quality

Artificial Intelligence for Industrial Digitization

Allow end-to-end business process automation & drive digital transformation, assist in improving organizational performance.

Embedded Systems for Industrial Automation

Make better decisions and help to analyze customer trends & satisfaction, which can lead to new and better product and services.

Intelligent Solutions for the Virtual Sensor Market

Building machine learning models that can generalise well on future data necessitates careful analysis of the data at hand.


About Us

Integrating innovative, predictive and prescriptive data analytics

Our Solutions

Identifying the stumbling blocks in business

DataCivet is a key enabler of Industry, which integrates modern cloud computing, IIoT and AI to make self-optimising, intelligent industrial equipment and production facilities.
We develop sophisticated control and utility services that help to optimize industrial processes, helping enterprises increase efficiency, and ROI, while reducing the time to delivery.
Our develop data governance structure help your organisation develop advanced data architectures, governance, and security structures that ensure the long-term availability of your enterprise data.
We build systems that monitor the health and maintenance needs of complex systems and diagnose issues using state-of-the-art intelligent software.
We help enterprises in harnessing their data assets and deliver strategic outcomes that help facilitate cost savings in safety, predictive maintenance, and more.
Contextualize machine learning models and functionality to suit your organisation's needs, and develop customized algorithms for your needs.

Academic Research Partners

Strengths and Capabilities

Robust Research and Development to meet your IIoT needs
Efficiency state-of-the-art AI and ML model
Secure and simple deployment
Improved efficiencies and ROI owing to exceptional productivity norms

Technological Partners

Empower and transform Industries to improve operations

Accelerate your business agility with IVAís proven AI powered ML solutions. You can gain faster and valuable insights that deliver business .