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Our innovations help in unlocking revenue streams in the key paradigms i.e. B2B and B2G to offer opportunities for clients at every scale of deployment. Our approach has been successful in providing solutions to government sectors that include healthcare, aviation, defence, law enforcement etc. The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) adoption into businesses is revolutionizing how data is acquired and processed into actionable decisions.

Our flagship Industrial Digitization platform, DataCivet, delivers accurate and cost-efficient solutions that are being extensively used by our industrial partners in the Aeronautics, Aerospace, and Defence sectors. DataCivet and its ecosystem of tools promote the democratization of Artificial Intelligence, IoT and graph technologies to deliver organic GUI-driven cognitive, prescriptive and predictive solutions that encompass the entire industrial automation data lifecycle.

DataCivet uses IIoT data to make intelligent decisions through the support of the Virtual sensor concept. This is invaluable for companies in the industrial automation space to improve reliability, reduce down time, and increase efficiency while enabling customers to generate new streams of revenue. This innovative technology places us in the front-line of evolving trends in the Industrial Digitization and the virtual sensor marketplace.

Machine Learning based Predictive Analytics for Aircraft Gearboxr

Today's Manufacturing Challenges and the Common Analytical Thread

In the wake of Covid Pandemic, the Industrial sectors are now bouncing back, setting off a huge competition in the marketplace. Customers are under, a pressure to hold offavoid the supply chain disruptions, while facing difficulty in harnessing and applying new technologies. There is a worldwide a shortage of skilled workers and most small and medium sized companies lack of the infrastructure needed to exploit these new technologies. In addition to that, acquiring and managing unstructured data is a cumbersome process.

With IVA offers an innovative concept of implementing line of products that solve the problems outlined previously. We implement Industrial Digitization IoT solutions that are broadly applicable from in sectors ranging from agriculture to defence, and aerospace sectors, DataCivet, our Graph-Machine Learning platform is an enabling technology that is targeted towards the no-code deployment of advanced Artificial Intelligence solutions to a variety of problems, thereby obviating the need for highly trained engineers. the inability to leverage new technology is resolved. As our Machine learning The DataCivet platform is a Platform-as-a-Service offering involving moderate client investment in infrastructure. This approach is targeted towards aiming for enhancing the small and medium scale businesses in particular; it involves a little investment in infrastructure.

DataCivet is a GUI driven platform, which facilitates the Any domain specialist can in building, testing, and deploying industrial digitization products with limited technological Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence knowledge experience, and minimal previous statistical experience. Whether automating the research goals decision process to make it more efficient, or scaling it up, or drawing valuable insights, or increasing productivity, or reducing expenditure, a person can use DataCivet use cases to can meet their needs of users. We integrate a data lake platform to store the acquired data.

Discovery Phase

Identifying the right problem to solve creates real value for the clients. IVA's team of business analysts and technologists aid clients in the problem discovery process, and determining the right mix of technologies suited to the problem.
The project discovery phase helps reduce risks and minimize time and costs, as well as ensures the product is a technologically perfect fit for the market.

  • Deliverables in the agile discovery phase:
  • Solution vision document.
  • Software Requirements Specification.
  • Scope of the requirement.
  • Feasibility study.

Feasibility study

Evaluation on the initial Minimum Viable Product (MVP) solution is created at this stage to identify the expected outcomes of the proposed problem solution. A review of existing open source literature is performed by our technologists to evaluate the proposed solution against other documented solutions.

Software Design & POC development

In this phase to cover all aspects of the software development including functional requirements, non-functional requirements, security risk planning, disaster recovery planning, etc. The main end goal of this phase in the software development life cycle is to finalize the software requirement specification (SRS document) from the previous stage in the form of a system design specification document.

Model and Product Development Phase

This is a collaborative endeavour with design, engineering, Artificial Intelligence researchers, business and Project Managers working together and driving the solution through train, test, and validate cycles; A daily stand up meeting to track the progress, while creating user stories is developed in each sprint.

Production Phase

During this phase IVA moves the product to the deployment state, while evaluating and thoroughly analysing the deployment environment. Critical to this effort is an understanding how the client uses the results within the scope of overall strategy of the business.

Support & Maintenance Phase:

In this phase IVA team executes a continuous refinement of the product with automated evaluation process, detecting both data and concept drift.


  • To create a unique product that offers to provide applications to customers by developing specifications based on performance factors.
  • Developing cost effective solutions serving as the best alternative to the conventional approach.
  • To implement reliable product delivering accurate results enabling long service.
  • Developing the product that meet customer requirements in a Industrial Digitization/Virtual Sensor marketplace.


  • Availability of data ⚊ Setting out a clear strategy from the start for sourcing the data that is required with respect to the problem domain.
  • Lack of domain knowledge ⚊ Collaboration with research experts and domain specialists to bring out the salient issues to be solved.
  • Data Storage and Security ⚊ Provision of data lake platform for a centralized secure repository to store, govern, discover, and share both structured and unstructured data at any scale.

AI ⚊ A technology that is transforming every walk of life

With its wide applications in various sectors to develop proactive measures, our innovative data driven methodologies yield productive results with utmost accuracy and reliability. Our solutions help in automating business processes, gaining insight through data analysis, and engaging with customers and employees. Artificial Intelligence has always been used for making smarter business decisions. AI technology can coordinate data delivery, analyze trends, develop data consistency, provide forecasts, and quantify uncertainties to make the best decisions for the company. We applied our innovations in the medical sector, for the Remote patient monitoring technology, performing perform clinical diagnoses and suggest treatments quickly without requiring the patient to visit the hospital in-person. AI can be implemented in the prediction of outbreak of infectious diseases . AI is helping businesses across industries to find the right solutions to address their challenges more adequately. Greater efficiency in solving complex problems means increased productivity and reduced expenses.


DataCivet is a comprehensive Graph-ML Industrial Digitisation PaaS that improves industrial efficiency, safety, and reliability. It aids industry leaders to leverage a comprehensive digital transformation strategy that uses real-time data to optimize operations, predict outcomes, and provide risk-based guidance, to ensure business continuity, maximize return on capital and, enhance customer experiences.

1. Engineering
In a market that is constantly evolving, building the sustainable, digital and connected plants of the future requires innovation, flexibility and collaboration. Industrial digitization with its capabilities in Graph Technology, and Machine Learning enables optimized decision making through the integration of intelligence and data.
2. Operations
Master operations management through planning, cost reduction, asset performance optimization, and bridging OT and IT systems. Pinpoint the best strategy for the business with an intelligent assessment that delivers operations excellence across the enterprise
3. Performance
DataCivet offers a no-code Graph-ML environment to help our customer exceed reliability, safety and performance goals. The Core technologies for DataCivet are the models for data analysis. These capabilities not only include Graph Technology, and Machine Learning, but also Signal Processing, and Workflow technologies.

  • Improve Customer Value and Satisfaction.
  • Reduce time to development.
  • Avoid Unexpected Costs.
  • Accelerate Growth Opportunity.
  • Eliminate Manual Errors.
  • Eliminate Waste & Duplication.

  • Custom Solution ⚊ leveraging an Platform as-a-Service (PaaS).
  • Best-of-Breed ⚊ powered by a wide array of powerful data analysis and machine learning algorithms.
  • Vendor Ecosystem ⚊ powered by solutions from a single DataCivet Platform vendor.


Analytics that assess what has happened; historic data to identify the reasons behind previous success or failure
Analytics that examines why something has happened, with techniques like drill-down, data discovery, data mining and correlations
Analytics that encompass a variety of statistical techniques including data mining, predictive modeling, and machine learning which analyze current and historical facts to make predictions about future or otherwise unknown events.
Analytics that advise on what action to take; possible outcomes and results in actions that are likely to maximize key business metrics.
Analytics that are an estimate of outcomes, including when they will happen based on a number of predictors or other analytical inputs.

Future Planning

In the near term, we will continue to research and evaluate clients who have Industrial Digitization requirements. This is a particularly dynamic market with new entrants, channels, partnerships, and acquisitions, as vendors enhance their offerings, are expanding into new applications and markets. We have initiated growth along this anticipated path with the Aerospace, Defense, and Law Enforcement sectors.