A flagship product from IVA, DataCivet is one of the latest and best-in-class upcoming Automated Machine Learning (AutoML) tools today. It enables organizations to focus on the results of AI and ML applications, not the problems of the process by automating the complete data science life-cycle. As opposed to similar conventional tools that are resource and time-intensive, requiring significant domain knowledge,DataCivet can help in accelerating the development of production-ready ML models with ease and efficiency. And is expected to have a dramatic impact on democratizing AI and making organizations more effective and efficient.

DataCivet makes it possible for organizations across industries, ranging from healthcare, financial markets, fintech, banking, public sector, retail, sports, manufacturing, etc, to leverage ML and AI technology. By automating most of the modeling tasks necessary to develop and deploy ML models, automated ML enables business users to implement machine learning solutions effortlessly.

Machine Learning based Predictive Analytics for Aircraft Gearboxr

IVA’s proposed DataCivet application is a cloud-based Machine Learning platform that allows users toinput datasets to train an ML model. It makes it easier to build and use ML models in the real world by running systematic processes on raw data and selecting models that pull the most relevant information from the data.

In the application, to train an ML model, an ML algorithm and training data need to be provided.The data must contain the preciseresponse called target. The learning algorithm tries to find patterns in the training data that maps the attributes of the input data to the target and generates an ML model that captures these patterns. These ML modelscan be used to get accurate predictions.