Industrial Digitization products and services

IVA’s Industrial Digitization platform, DataCivet encompasses functions for IoT data analytics, sensor technologies, edge device management, and connectivity solutions. DataCivet is a powerful tool that not only accelerates project execution but also improves performance, reduces risk, and shortens delivery timelines. DataCivet cuts the time it takes to develop a product by 60%. On a wider scale, DataCivet is a key enabler of Industry 4.0, which integrates modern cloud computing, IIoT and AI to make self-optimising, intelligent industrial equipment and production facilities. By linking industrial equipment and production facilities together with wireless connectivity and gathering sensor data from the equipment, industries can precisely ascertain the current state of processes and machines, detect potential failures, plan maintenance schedules and optimize their performance accordingly.

Benefits of DataCivet.

Production Visibility.

Predictive maintenance.

Higher operator productivity.

Reduce the cost of quality management systems.

Improve quality through continuous monitoring.

Increase machine utilization.