Future of Artificial Intelligence

The future of the world with AI making our lives better is not a cinematic concept anymore. The world is fast running to that future of endless possibilities. As the demands of the consumers increase, the producers invest more in the futuristic technologies. DataCivet over the last few years have embraced this change, thereby spending a considerable amount of time and resource to bring tomorrow’s technologies to our clients at the earliest. The world is also witnessing a data revolution, and through AI,computers will be able to harness massive amounts of data and process the same to produce accurate outputs. This blog will further discuss few areas where AI will establish its presence in the future.


The cars that drive itself are already here, with tech-giants like Tesla investing high on it. The scope of the autonomous cars in India is yet to be studied and therefore the tech-companies in India has task to do it. The road and traffic conditions in India is completely different from the western world and therefore it would require more complex algorithms to tackle the issues.

There are also other fields in transportation where AI can be employed. Accident prediction is an example. IVA’s DataCivet is a strong tool to predict accidents in a particular area based on the complex set of data inputs.


The AI will revolutionise healthcare in a few years. The influence of the same has already started showing results. The diseases are quickly discovered now and accurately diagnosed. Also, AI tools like DataCivet enables prediction of pandemics based on various inputs.

There are also researches on futuristic innovations like enabling a communication between doctor and patient who are at two distant places, at the same time diagnosing diseases can be done via a mobile phone or other handheld devices.


The Covid Pandemic has changed the methodology of education around the world and therefore new technologies should be integrated for a better learning experience for the students. AI can be integrated to classrooms in different ways, including using AI driven tools to register the reaction of students in class to determine their response. Classroom learning can also be made fun with many AI mediated interactions with informative contents.

Customer Services and Digital Assistant

An AI driven tool, be it a virtual one or be it a robot-like material one, can be used to enhance the customer experience. AI can be trained to attend to queries, to navigate users to help with their needs, and to provide them a user-experience that may not have been possible with a human-assistant. Virtual assistants like SIRI (of Apple) and Cortana (of Microsoft) are now better than never before, thanks to increasing potential of technologies.

Governance and Policing

AI can be used in multiple ways for governance and policing in a society. Prediction of crimes is one example. Efficient AI tools like DataCivet can help the police to predict crimes in a locale, based on various set of data.

There is no limit to which AI can be employed in our public and private lives. It can be used across sectors, in any spaces, in any way we like. Flexibility is at the heart of the AI projects. The future is bright with AI driving the society forward.

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