Why You Need Artificial Intelligence to Win in SEO

Search Engine Optimization is the method by which the visits to a website are improved in terms of quantity and quality. Advanced levels of SEO lets one to narrow down to particular search groups and thereby generating more probable leads. SEO is a common tool that is used by almost all the companies to generate more viewership for their brand and products. It varies from simple to advanced levels.

With the help of Artificial Intelligence, the users can level up their SEO, to improve what their operations and channel more clients and customers. The goal is to develop strategies that generates clicks and keeps the users for a long time on the website. This cannot be done organically most often, which is where AI becomes a key player.

Google has developed many algorithms that uses AI.

Humming Bird: Released in 2013, it gives the search engine capability to understand user intend. It reads through the context of search words. This ultimately gives better search results.

RankBrain: This was launched two years after Humming Bird and allowed to understand the user intend better though machine learning.

BERT: This was a path breaking development that enabled Natural Language Processing (NLP) which allowed the search engines to understand a word in the query by also analysing the words that came before and after it. This leads to better result generation.

Google’s AI Updates: In addition to many such developments, Google keeps on adding advancements. One example is the ability of the search engine to understand misspelled words.

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