Sports and Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence in Cricket

Artificial Intelligence is finding its way to almost all the segments of life, and sports is no exception. Cricket is one of the most competitive sports, that is being watched by more and more people daily. AI is used in cricket today for many purposes, and further researches could prove AI to be helpful in cricket for more purposes. This blog discusses different ways AI is employed in cricket.

Coaching Assistance

Cricket is a game that involves a lot of data. The more the data, the more analysis can be done using AI tools. The statistics of players in a given span of time can be processed to predict players efficiencies and the areas that players need improvement. One example would be, there might be batsman who are vulnerable to a particular type of ball. This could be easily predicted by AI and therefore help the batsman to understand her/his weak point, so that improvement can be done.

Team Selection

Every match is played under different conditions of weather, pitch type, outfield type, ground size, opposition etc. There are players who would excel at certain conditions, and they might prove to be not up-to-the-mark in some other conditions. This could be predicted with the help of an AI, by analysing the players’ performances in different conditions in the past. Their statistics in each of the combination of the conditions could give a picture of their strength and weakness. Therefore, the AI tool can predict the best final squad for a game.

Match Prediction

The AI tools can process the performance statistics data of teams under different conditions to predict the winning probabilities of each teams.

Decision Review System

The umpires are prone to make human errors, but today the players can appeal to the third umpire who uses DRS method to recheck the on-field umpire’s decision. The AI tools uses various technics like snickometer, hotspot etc.

AI powered bats

This is a recent additions to cricket technologies. Companies like Microsoft are investing, researching and working on this area to create stickers that could be pasted on cricket bats to get data after the bat plays every balls. Data like quality of the shot, bat and ball speed, spot of contact between bat and ball etc can be obtained. The data can be seen immediately on devices like laptop and mobile. This helps the coaches and players get a clear picture on the playing methods of the batsman.

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